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KLN Productions Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs the use of data that is collected from the KLN Studio Productions staff, and is independent of any other privacy policy that this site may become associated with through the use of services, or through the use of links, or through the use of any other technology, to or from any other entity.

Any data that is collected by KLN Studio Productions will not be sold, used, or disseminated in any fashion to any other entity, and will be used only to communicate with, or to deliver product to the visitor of this site who chooses to either email us or buy products from us. Accessing the content on this website will expose a user to the rules and privacy policies of any other entities who advertise, or provide links, or through the use of any other technology on this site. Clicking on any advertisements or links from or to these entities will expose one to the data collection policies of those entities, as outlined in their respective privacy policies and rules concerning the collection of user information.

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